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Memorial Tribute – Jerry Quick

Jerry Quick

Jerry Quick

Jerry wanted everyone to know that he believes he had a good life and is content with all that he has accomplished and all the other people he had the joy of knowing.

Jerry was born in rural Colorado in July, 1936, as the first of three children to Joseph and Gladys Quick. He demonstrated his initiative at a very early age when he began an egg selling route at the advanced age of ten. Using his profits, he purchased a clothing washing machine for his mother – one of the very first ones in his home area.

Jerry married his high school sweetheart, June Call, when he was 16 years old. Together they raised four children – including the youngest manager ever for the Safeway grocery store meat department.

Jerry supported himself and the family through a very extensive newspaper route and his meat-cutting while attending college. He graduated 10th in his class of 105 students.

The family moved to where he began his law practice. While practicing, he also became active in numerous social organizations and was elected the President of the Chamber of Commerce, the Lions and the Jaycees. In order to spend more time with his son, Jerry became involved in the Boy Scouts. Jerry built a very active Boy Scout troop of approximately 80 boys and about 30 adults. He eventually became the District Scout Master. Jerry organized the ministers of the town to become more active in their corporation and meet mutual needs of the town. The Jaycees used this corporation and were thus able to begin the offering of a non-denominational church service to the local populace.

When he was diagnosed as having Bipolar, Jerry retired from law and became a successful manager of real estate for various mortgage companies. During this time, he was active in Master Gardeners, German American Club and organized a state level of the Depressive and Bipolar Support Organization and was pivotal in the creation of over 19 local support groups. Jerry always worked at maintaining a close relationship with his extended family and many of his vacations were made to visit various aunts, uncles and cousins. Every Monday evening for almost ten years, Jerry took his granddaughters out for dinner and developed a very strong relationship with them that still endures through the girls and their children.

Having retired from real estate, his new venture was that he authored a murder mystery book that utilized his legal expertise. Many of you here have read and enjoyed his book, “The Best of Intentions”.

He will be missed by his loving wife of the past 61 years, June, and by his brother, Dick (Sheila); his sons, Steve (Audrey) and Joe (Diane); one daughter, Cynthia; grandchildren , Toby, Jason, Alicia, Jeana and Alexis; great-grandchildren Cyrus, Nikkoli and Christine as well as many, many other relatives and friends. All will miss his enduring, and very real interest in other people and that mischievous twinkle in his eye. His final words are “I’ve had a really good life and am content with it”.