Membership Ministry

The Park Hill Christian Church Membership Ministry is committed to offering a variety of activities that minister to the interests and needs of the congregation as well as the community. Our goal is to reach across various age, gender and racial barriers to bring people together in fellowship with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

A group of the church’s lay leaders works in cooperation with the Minister for Youth and Christian Education to plan and carry out such activities as:

  • Fall Carnival

Come hither, au festival: PHCC offers a Christian alternative to trick or treating with games, food, and family fun.

  • Fall Hayride/Cookout!

This features a visit to the farm of church members for animal petting, a hayride, a bonfire/cookout, and lots of fun and fellowship.

  • Advent Fair

Warm up to the Advent season in early December with creativity and insight into Christmas traditions. Activities include making wreaths and gum drop trees, posing for a family nativity photo, decorating Christmas cookies, and enjoying food and fellowship.

  • Fellowship Dinners 

The church holds fellowship dinners on a monthly basis from September through April. This is a great opportunity to get to know fellow church members as well as to sample the cuisine of the Park Hill Chefs.

  • Sports

Imagine the possibilities with the our Christian Family Life Center . In the inaugural year of the  CFLC, Park Hill Christian was a host site for the Upward Basketball program and this continues. Upward Basketball combines hoops with devotionals and Christian teaching and is focused on elementary and junior high age young people. 

  • Church Talent & Variety Show

In March, the Membership Ministry sponsors a light-hearted Talent and Variety Show in which various members of the congregation and friends from the community astound and amaze us with their skills and artistry.

  • Happy, Happy Birthday!

In February, Park Hill Christian celebrates its birthday in party-like atmosphere. Members of the congregation are encouraged to sit at “birthday tables,” which are decorated representing each month of the year. Individual cakes are baked for each table, encouraging some members to have multiple birthdays in which to sample various cakes. The celebration also includes a Fellowship Dinner.

  • Circle of Friends

The Fellowship Circles reach across various age groups to encourage members of the congregation to get to know each other as they host dinners in each other’s homes or meet at neighborhood restaurants.

  • Transportation

The Membership Ministry also serves the church by offering transportation to church activities to the congregation and the community.

The Membership Ministry is also responsible for:

  • The Annual Church Picnic
  • Family Games Nights
  • Community Activities
  • Family Retreats
  • Inactive Member Services