Property Ministry

The Park Hill Christian Church Property Ministry oversees many areas of our church’s property including utilities and maintenance. Maintenance includes things inside the church as well as the exterior of the building, parking lots, Park Hill house, church vans, and the surrounding grounds.

Another duty of the Property Ministry is scheduling the use of our church facilities. This includes, but is not limited to, the sanctuary, classrooms, kitchens, house, and Christian Family Life Center. This is done not only to make sure the space is available when needed, but also to assure that the utilities are turned on and off, that access is available during the event and that everything is done to make the event in our facilities as accommodating as possible.

Our new Christian Family Life Center and other facilities renovations have brought many new opportunities for us to reach out into our community. The Property Ministry was there every step of the way in the planning and building stages to assist as needed and insure the safety of our congregation and guests.

Although we officially meet once a month, it’s not uncommon for members of the Property Ministry to have discussions and tackle situations on a weekly basis on Sunday mornings. Our attention is needed on matters on a constant basis, so we try to be as available as possible.