Sunday School – Adults

In order to give everyone their ideal opportunity for spiritual enrichment in a small-group setting, Park Hill Christian Church offers a variety of Sunday School opportunities for adults of all ages. We encourage you to visit several classes to find the one most suited to your interests.

THE BEREAN CLASS uses our denominational Bible study curriculum, The Present Word, and features open discussion. This group of senior adults meets in the beautiful Church Parlor at the north end of the main building.

THE BUILDERS CLASS meets next door to the church’s main office in Room #24. These spirited middle and senior adults enjoy a class that has been in existence for several decades, but they are happy to welcome newcomers at any time. They use the Christian Church’s adult Bible study curriculum, The Present Word.

THE DISCOVERY CLASS is a group of young adult singles and couples. They meet in the new Education Suite and study a variety of faith-related topics. Their calendar features frequent social activities, including an annual camping and canoeing weekend in June.

THE FAITHFINDERS CLASS is a group of young adults; college students, people in their twenties, singles and couples, who share a strong fellowship and interest in faith matters. They enjoy several fellowship times throughout the year, including an annual fall retreat. During the summer, they hold a poolside Bible study on Mondays at 7:00 pm. to swim and eat snacks with Bible study beginning at 8:00 pm. On Sundays, they meet in the church’s library.

THE FRIENDSHIP CLASS enjoys discussion and fellowship among an interesting group of senior adults in Room #25 past the main church office. Class members are known for their dedication to service and outreach.

THE SHEPHERDS CLASS, made up of couples and single adults in the middle adult age range, meets in the new Education Suite for lively and engaging group discussions.