Decisions! Decisions!

Ronald Reagan once had an aunt who took him to a cobbler for a new pair of shoes. The
cobbler asked young Reagan, “Do you want square toes or round toes?” Unable to decide,
Reagan didn’t answer, so the cobbler gave him a few days to think about it.

Later that week, the cobbler saw Reagan on the street and asked him again what kind of toes he
wanted on his shoes. Reagan still couldn’t decide, so the shoemaker replied, “Well, come by
later this week and your shoes will be ready.” When the future president returned, he found one
square-toed and one round-toed shoe. “This will teach you to never let people make decisions
for you,” the cobbler said to his indecisive customer. “I learned right then and there,” Reagan
later stated, “if you don’t make your own decisions, someone else will.”

Every day, no matter what you do,
Will be the result of decisions made by you.
Like what time you get up in the morning or go to bed at night;
Whether you travel to the left or turn to the right;
If you say yes or if you say no,
Whatever you decide is the way you will go.
And reading the letters you get in the mail
Creates another decision trail.
Each daily decision, made in joy or strife
Helps to form the foundation of your life.

“Get wisdom; get understanding. Do not forget My words or turn away from them.”
(Proverbs 4:5)
Every day on this planet, we make numerous decisions. Some turn out pretty well, and others
not so much! Often times, we wonder if the decisions we made were the right ones. Well, one
thing is for sure: If we include the Lord in making our decisions, things will turn out far better
than if we go it alone. You see, God is always there ready to guide us. All we have to do is seek
His wisdom and listen.

God’s Best…Pastor Steven