In Remembrance

As I am currently feeling under the weather, my brain isn’t cooperating very well when it comes to developing a devotional for this week. Please accept my apology. What I am going to share is a poem I wrote back in seminary that I read some years ago during a Communion meditation at one of our PHCC worship services. It revolves around the Lord’s Supper and speaks to how following Christ requires that we put our faith into action.

In Remembrance

You call us to the table saying, “Do this in remembrance of me”

But in remembering, I’m afraid too many of us focus only on Calvary

The bread and the cup call us to reflect upon your sacrifice

But in remembering you, I have to think about how you lived your life

It’s true you suffered so much pain and died upon that tree

But I’ve come to understand, O Lord, it wasn’t just for me

The only message many pastors speak is Christ and Him crucified

For me their preaching is way off base; you did more in your life than die

You traveled with your disciples taking little time to rest

Healing the sick, preaching the Word, a religious and political pest

You fed so many, their stomachs and spirits; you showed how to love all

But today many Christians practice cheap grace thanks in part to Apostle Paul

I don’t want simply to be a Christian; I long to be a follower of Christ

So, when I do this in remembrance of you, I won’t only remember you died

I will remember your call not only to believe but to put my faith to work

Not in an attempt to earn my way into heaven, but instead to be Jesus to Earth

God’s Best….Steven